World Refugee Day: Press Release

World Refugee Day 2008: Fargo Events
World Refugee Day is a global event, started in 2001, to recognize the contributions refugees make to the world, as well as acknowledge the aid refugees would benefit from, whether living in refugee camps or Fargo ND.

The 2008 theme is “Protection.” The United Nation’s High Commission on Refugees has identified these three key points.
1. More than 30 million forcibly displaced persons in the world share a fundamental need for protection.
2. Since 1951, UNHCR has protected refugees in a multitude of ways, ranging from humanitarian assistance to legal protection.
3. On World Refugee Day 2008, we can all help protect refugees by raising awareness of UNHCR and its engagement.

Lutheran Social Services of North Dakota—New American Services
World Refugee Day Celebration
1-5 pm, Friday June 20th.
1325 11th St S
Fargo, ND

Join us for an afternoon of live music, ethnic food, and fun as we celebrate the contributions of refugees in our community and hear the stories of their journey. Entrance fee to the event is the donation of a household item, such as towels, bedding, or cleaning supplies, to benefit refugees in our community.

Contact: Darci Asche., (701) 271-1604

African Soul, American Heart Foundation
World Refugee Day: Watch, Listen, Learn, Participate
6:30-8:00 PM, Friday June 20th
Zandbroz Variety
420 Broadway North.

The African Soul, American Heart Foundation is sponsoring an event which will include:
• Original video footage from the Kakuma UN Refugee Camp.
• A first-hand account of being a refugee from Sudan.
• An anthropologist’s perspective on the Bosnian and Sudanese refugee experiences in Sioux Falls and Fargo.
• A report from Giving + Learning, a volunteer program for working with New Americans in Fargo.

Contact: Kevin Brooks ( 701-231-7147 tag:

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