ASAH Updates

I’ve been too busy to keep up to date with ASAH happenings and future events, but here is a quick run-down.

The DVD of ASAH is now available for purchase from our website, Amazon, and probably a few other locations. Great bonus features, especially a collection of Deb Dawson’s stunning photos set to a beautiful original composition.

ASAH was invited to screen at the Fargo Film Festival Wed. March 4th. We don’t get to play the movie on the really big screen often; it looked great, we had a nice crowd, and got good questions. If only we would remember to take photos!

The film was just accepted into the Cedar Rapids Independent Film Festival, and will screen either Friday night or sometime Saturday, April 4. I knew those 4 years at Iowa State would pay off some day.

We hope the film will screen on the 4th, because that will give Joseph and I a chance to get there. We have a wild 9 days of presentations lined up, stretching from March 31 to April 7. We have 3 screenings in Mankato planned before heading down for 4 screenings in Cedar Rapids, one in Iowa City, and two in Clinton Iowa.

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