The Road to Duk Payuel

Joseph sent the following message to our Board of Directors. The news is great, and the quotation is so wonderful from the elder I had to share it with the world. I did ask for Joseph’s permission first.

I just spoke to people at Duk. They are very happy that Philip Thon, Minister for roads and transportation has developed the road from Poktap to Duk. It is only 8 minutes to ride the car from Poktap to Duk and it was one hour by car the time I came with Kevin, Matt, Deb. The road development is proceeding to North Sudan which might give us chance of buying building Material from Malakal(Town).

Internet, good road among others attracted several NGOS to Duk. International Rescue Service(IRS) began to establish their compound at Duk. Many will follow them.

John Dau Library just arrived at Duk. The books were shifted in container from America to Duk, very exciting.

One old man I spoke to said “It is not a development but Mircles because our village never seen such things since the creation.” He went on, on, on, and on thanking American people, and lastly he said Bin Laden is a pig who wanted to kill Americans who love the whole world.


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