Helping with panties projects

The most common question we at African Soul, American Heart get is “how can I help with the panties project?” This question usually comes from a sewer or a quilter, and of course these people are essential to our project because they are the ones making the re-usable pads (at least until the women of Duk Payuel master the use of their sewing machines). All of our initial pads have been a fold-and-snap variety, but for our next shipment, we hope that some of the sewers willing to help us out will try the belted style.

In addition to making pads, we always need help getting the pads to Duk Payuel, something that comes down to straight donations.  We haven’t found a secure way to get the pads to Duk yet, so the first two deliveries have been personal: Joseph in April 2010, Deb in November 2010.  Deb hopes to be able to go back in March 2011, and donations could help pay for the bags on the flight (unless Delta gives Deb free bags again) or the plane rental from Nairobi to Duk (about $2,000).  Please visit our main website if you are able to donate:

Thanks to many for their great interest in the panties project. 

2 responses to “Helping with panties projects

  1. This may help put shipping costs in perspective:
    The AIM Air freight rate is $6.50/Kg ($3/lb) to transport goods from Nairobi, Wilson Airport, to Duk Payuel – after we get the stuff to their facility in Kenya.
    There may also be additional handling and customs fees.

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