Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Maduk is welding the elevation structure for our 5000L water tank. Soon workers will begin digging four – three-meter holes for the legs as the structure will be set into the ground for stability. The structure is huge and will require a good number of people from the community to set upright, carry to the insertion site, and to plant. I think they’ll use ropes and trees for leverage. I hope to get this on videotape before I leave.

We’ve confirmed that the balance of our plumbing and electrical and other materials will arrive on Friday morning—wall and floor tile, outdoor lights, paint, soap dishes, toilet paper holders and so on.

We worked out a temporary agreement with IRD to share fuel costs for running the generator to get our water and power onsite. On Monday in Juba I will meet with IMA staff. IMA will be taking over the IRD site, so we will work out a new arrangement with them.

Late in the afternoon, John Dau (http://johndaufoundation.org/) asked if he could visit our site, and we made the walk. As we approached and he caught sight of the fence, he said, “This is your fence?! This beautiful fence is yours? This huge property is yours?” As we entered, he took a look and he said, “This is beautiful here.” I showed him around the staff housing, the storage, and inside the only one of our tukuls that wasn’t locked. John pointed out signs of termites, showing me the soile they have already deposited on some of our wood rafters. The solution is to have our security guard check weekly and knock off any soil that appears. We will treat the wood with anti-termite solution when it arrives—we have been waiting for one of the last three flights to bring it.

John was impressed with our toilets and showers and sinks. The clinic has nothing like this. He said to me, “I knew you were working on something here, but I hadn’t paid that much attention—this is much more than I expected.” And he congratulated us on our progress. Just wait until he sees what 50 educated ASAH girls will accomplish in the future!

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