Kenya Kids


ASAH's Kenya Kids

ASAH’s Kenya Kids

It’s early morning in Eldoret Kenya. Jean Wood, with the Colorado Lost Boys group,, and I met in the Minneapolis airport on December 29 and will be traveling together until we arrive in back in the US on February 8. She and her group built an eight-classroom primary school in Duk Payuel, where the ASAH School for Girls is located, and they also sponsor Sudanese orphans in Kenyan boarding schools. We met with some of them here in Eldoret and had lunch with some Nakuru.

We spent a couple of days in Nairobi and arrived in Eldoret on the 1st, staying at a nice little hotel called Pinetree Gardens. ASAH supports ten Sudanese orphans in boarding schools in Nakuru. Eight boys share an apartment in Eldoret during the three one-month long term breaks. Our two girls, Deborah and Sarah, are sharing the little suite at the Pinetree with me. All the students return to school on Monday the 7th.

While here we have visited their two-bedroom apartment in a nice safe area of Eldoret. Did a little videotaping of the kids talking about what it means to them to be in school. They are all very cognizant of the realities of life for orphans in Kenya and South Sudan, and for any young people who do not receive an education. We went to their informal soccer practice in a field just a block from their home on the grounds of the church they all attend. There must have been 50 or more kids on the field at one time. Videotaping, I managed to block one ball with my hip. I saw it through my lens, too late to move!

This morning I am up early. We are heading to the Eldoret airstrip where AIM Air will pick us up at 8:30 this am and fly us to Duk Payuel where we will be greeted by 23 ASAH students – 11 of whom I have never met.

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