Our Rebecca Amon Makuol Bean Field

ASAH sponsor Dani Kvanvig-Bohnsak sent me pictures of the girl they sponsor, Rebecaa Amon Makuol, and this great story. We’d love to hear stories from other sponsors!– Kevin Brooks,  ASAH Vice President.

Rebecca_Amon_Makuol (13 of 6)

My in-laws used to call the small bean field in front of their house the “bean dress field.”  It was tradition that my father-in-law, a farmer, would give the money from that field every year to his wife to buy a new dress.  Since my husband, Ryan, has taken over the farm, he continued that tradition.  Every year I notice a magical deposit in my checking account with a note, “for your bean dress.”  Last year I decided I had enough dresses.  Ryan and I decided that bean field – a field that was only planted so that there wasn’t so much yard to mow – had a higher purpose than to just buy a new dress.  So we decided to sponsor a girl through African Soul American Heart so that she could get an education.  It is pretty incredible that a tiny little bean field , of such little consequence, in north east North Dakota, can empower the life of a little African girl thousands of miles away.  We no longer call that field the “bean dress field.”  We think calling it the “Rebecca Amon Makuol Bean Field” is much more fitting.

8501 web

Dani and Ryan’s daughter, Stella, in the bean field.

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