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Monday May 27, we said goodbye to Keiko and Rygo and Vika. AIM Air’s ETA was right on time at 12:15. The Caravan, a C208, was full with our cargo, and AIM needed a quick turn around to get the passengers to Nairobi for their evening flight and the plane back for a flight going out early in the morning. Our girls and others pitched in to quickly off load the fruits and vegetables, bunk bed frames, mattresses, and other materials and supplies for ASAH.

We are lucky that it is still dry here, and that the JDF Lost Boys Clinic vehicle was available to transport our supplies to ASAH. There are times when all the supplies are carried by our girls and villagers – much of it on their heads – a walk that takes 20 minutes walking at a good pace.

Our staff and girls will miss them. Keiko has been crocheting with the girls, Rygo has coached and referred them in volleyball, and Vika has painted their nails. The three of them spent their time at ASAH interacting with our students and staff – enriching their own lives along with those who remain behind.

Jessica and I are now here alone. She’s suffering some intestinal distress, which is not uncommon here. Somehow, I’ve managed to avoid problems on my trips. I’m either really lucky, or I have an iron stomach. I bring the typical treatments and leave them behind when I go.

ASAH students and our visitors have the advantage of access to medical care and medications through the John Dau Foundation Lost Boys Clinic. Though there are now some satellite health centers in other places in the county, basic medical care is not available for most people outside of capitol cities in South Sudan.

Deb Dawson
Empowering Orphaned Girls
African Soul, American Heart

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