Angella Osinde – ASAH Intern


What did you contribute to the ASAH organization during your time there? During my internship at ASAH I helped organize files such as ASAH student report cards and guardian information. I also uploaded information to our donor database.

Explain how your cultural background ties in with ASAH? My family is from Uganda, and ASAH currently has students there at St. Noa Junior and Senior boarding school. I have visited Uganda a couple times with my family, and whenever I go I make sure to stock up on all the fresh fruits and vegetables. Mangos, my favorite fruit, are plentiful whenever I go.

What did you know about the war in South Sudan before you came to ASAH? I knew that South Sudan got its independence from Sudan in 2009. I did not know very much about the current war in South Sudan.

What did you learn about Sudan and South Sudan’s history at ASAH? I learned quite a bit about the wars in Sudan occurring in the 1980s and its aftermath after reading Joseph Akol Makeer’s memoir, From Africa to America: The Journey of a Lost Boy From Sudan. It truly was an eye opener. Makeer goes into great detail to depict religious tension that grew between the Muslims and Christians (a religion that was rapidly spreading in the South). He does not stop short of the graphic details of the abuse from militia, or the dire circumstances he faced on his Journey from Duk Payuel, Southern Sudan to Fargo, North Dakota.

What will you take from your experience with ASAH and how will you apply it to your future? From my experience as an intern for ASAH I will take a deeper understanding and appreciation for education. Next year I continue my own education journey at Mississippi State University, aspiring to obtain a Bachelor’s degree, majoring in Computer Science. Although I aim to pursue a career in the STEM field, I plan to continue my efforts with helping out with non-profits such as African Soul American Heart.

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