Back to School Campaign

St. Noa's Boarding Day 2 May 12, 2017 (11 of 13)

Back to school season is a distinct transition here in the United States. Stores fill with backpacks and crayons and swimming pools close as routines once again sync with the ringing of school bells. For the ASAH girls in Uganda, August/September marks their second month-long term break. Their school year begins in early February and ends in early December. Because the ASAH girls are orphans, we house them at their boarding school during these two breaks. They eat in the dining room, and they sleep in their dormitories. ASAH pays for tutoring, computer classes, sports activities, and off-campus field trips. And they have plenty of free time to enjoy being kids. While their lives look a little different than the lives of our kids with parents, their break time is crucial in providing time for bonding and relaxation. These girls are developing critical skills and exposure to experiences that will impact their local Sudanese community in Uganda and – one day – spread their influence across the world.

To mark this season change for all, ASAH is hosting a special fundraising campaign with our new crowd fundraising program – EveryDayHero. We’d be grateful if you joined us. There are THREE options for you to give back while going back!

1. The simplest option is donate to the ASAH Back to School campaign by visiting our website at and clicking the Donate tab.

2. If you feel passionate about ASAH and the work we are doing, you will make a BIGGER IMPACT by JOINING US. Create your own fundraising campaign on our EveryDayHero campaign site. Click the link below and choose “Start Fundraising.” Personalize your page with a picture and your own words. Post your link on social media and invite friends and family to support your efforts to raise money for ASAH’s Back to School needs.

3. A third simple way to support the ASAH girls Back to School: Post a photo on social media of what BACK to SCHOOL looks like for you and your loved ones. Include the link below and tag FIVE friends to participate. In that post, include a link to the ASAH team page ( Encourage them to give AND to share their own back to school experience!

It’s that easy to partner with ASAH and help educate these vulnerable students, who have lost their parents and been displaced by the war in South Sudan. Your investment in our students will help them make a difference that will ripple through the whole world when you invest in our students.

If you have any questions, please email us at

Happy back to school and happy giving!


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