Build the ASAH school

We’ve accomplish a lot in a year’s time. The ASAH School for Orphan Girls sits on four acres of fenced land with vehicle and pedestrian gates. We currently have enough tukuls (adobe thatched roof huts) to house our thirty-four girls, a two-room concrete block building, three classrooms, and a permanent kitchen/dining complex with solar power! These buildings house 34 girls and five staff, including our matron, program director, head teacher and two security guards. One tukul stores our educational materials, clothing, hygiene supplies, and food. We have two large tents for guests, an equipment shed and a makeshift kitchen built of iron sheet. Our ablution block contains two tiled shower stalls, two tiled flush toilet stalls and a hand sink. Our 5000L water tank sits on a welded tower that required the strength of 36 men to set in place. Our site has electricity and running water.

Our most urgent need is to build additional housing for girls and staff, build additional toilets and showers, and acquire a vehicle to safely transport students and supplies.

The generosity of hundreds of contributors have enable 34 girls to begin an education. Your contributions now will help us offer a bright future for more orphan girls who will be forced to marry at a young age without this opportunity.

ASAH Today and in the Future

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