Sponsor a Girl

The primary mission of the ASAH School for Orphan Girls is to protect the girls from forced marriage at puberty, educate them in school subjects and practical life skills, and empower them to be leaders and give back to their community.  Our goal is to educate 50 girls through primary and secondary school and beyond so that they will gain skills and knowledge to enable them to help their new nation develop into a peaceful and prosperous country.

The majority of our girls are housed at the ASAH compound in Moyo, Uganda, during the school terms, returning to extended family at break times to maintain their ties to extended family. Each girl has her own bed and mosquito net, uniforms, clothing, underwear, hygiene supplies, books, and school materials.

In the morning the girls enjoy milk tea and biscuits and attend the local school, which offers only a morning program, returning to ASAH for a noon meal. In the afternoon, ASAH teachers offer enrichment classes. English is the national language, though only 1 % of  women are literate and speak English. We teach reading, writing, English conversation, health and hygiene, social studies, and other subjects to spur the girls, many who have only rarely attended school, to reach grade level for their ages and to prepare them for future education.

After classes, the girls participate in recreational sports such as volleyball, netball, and activities like jump roping and other exercise. Our gardener is teaching them to plant and grow food in the large garden that produces fruits and vegetables to supplement our meals. Our matron acts as a role model, counselor, and mother figure to the girls and is teaching them to crochet, knit and hand sew. Our tailor is teaching the older girls to sew 0n a treadle sewing machine. After dinner the girls relax, study, and prepare for bed.

We ask donors–individuals, families, or groups–to pledge $1500 a year for 3 years in order to assure stability and growth in the lives of these girls.

As of 2016, 36 girls attending primary school live at the ASAH compound.  Two girls attend secondary school in Moyo, and 3 boys attend school in Arua, a few hours away.  We expect to add several more girls in the next few weeks.  Educating these students does not simply transform the lives of these individuals. Right now ASAH is providing jobs for men and women in a remote and impoverished community, thus bolstering the local economy. And one day, these young women will transform their villages, their counties their states, and their country.

Please email us for more information about girls in need of sponsors.

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