The ASAH Concept and Mission

At the ASAH Boarding School for Orphaned Girls in Moyo, Uganda, ASAH PROTECTS orphaned girls from forced marriage at puberty, EDUCATES them in school subjects and practical life skills, and EMPOWERS them to be leaders and to give back to their communities.

We will educate the girls all the way through school so that they will have the knowledge and skills to help their new nation develop and to sustain peace.  ASAH girls will change their world.

Our most recent video from November 2015 highlights ASAH’s mission as it is continued in Moyo, Uganda. It also shows the need for an improved plumbing system, leather shoes, and funding for medical care.  Thanks to generous support from our donors, a new plumbing system was installed in January 2016 and the girls are scheduled for eye, ear, and dental care appointments.


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