Running on Sunshine, Running for Solar Power

Six ASAH supporters are “running on sunshine” at the Fargo Marathon, May 18, 2013.  Mark Taggart, Miriam Mara, Andrew Mara, Laura Fefchak, Carrie Anne Platt and Kevin Brooks will all be sporting hot pink ASAH running shirts (photos in a later post!) and pounding the pavement for 13.1 miles (the half marathon).  While 2/3rds of the team members have run full marathons, the six want to run together and the newbies weren’t quite ready to tackle the whole thing.

The team fundraising goal is $10,000.  The solar panel system is currently selling for about $8500 in Kenya, and the unit will have to be transported from Nairobi to Duk Payuel, South Sudan, and installed, hence the $10,000 goal.  The ASAH School for Girls currently has with limited power source; a solar power system will be environmentally friendly and easier to maintain that a diesel generator. Bringing power and light to the school will allow the girls to study after dark and keep the whole compound lit and safe.  Almost all the girls are well behind the grade they should be in, but they love to learn and they will make the most of the opportunity to catch up scholastically.

The solar power system is currently being used in The Duk County Lost Boys Clinic, so we know it will work and we know we will have technical support available.  Pictures in this post are from the Clinic.

Please support our runners and the orphaned girls of the ASAH school.  Deb Dawson leaves for Duk on May 17th, two days before the marathon, but if we meet our fundraising goal before then, she will be able to purchase the solar power system this trip!  Donations accepted here:

SolarJDF (1 of 4)SolarJDF  (3 of 4)SolarJDF (4 of 4)


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