Why Me?


The ASAH girls were honored by two visits this past week. The first was from Archbishop of the Anglican church along with other dignitaries. They were welcomed by the school’s Girl Scouts (some of our ASAH girl scouts are pictured), along with musical and marching bands. ASAH girls participated in this march.

A few days later, the Bishop of Duk Diocese, Lordship Bishop Daniel Deng Abot visited St. Noa and the ASAH girls with Duk elder Gabriel Kon Machot and Duk Student Association youth Leader, Daniel Deng. The Bishop shared his thoughts on the education of girls, suggesting they must think of what they want to be in life and determine what they must do to achieve that goal. He spoke of the important roles they will play in the future because they are members of a small minority of girls in South Sudan who have had the good fortune to be chosen to receive an education.

The Bishop of Duk Diocese inspired the ASAH girls to meet their challenges head-on without fear. With that, they will succeed.

To their question of “Why me?” the Bishop gave an assignment. He reminded them that they know, and the world knows, that millions of girls and orphans in South Sudan are without access to schools, health facilities, and food. Some have fled the county for overcrowded refugee camps, where aid groups are struggling to provide for basic needs. The Bishop’s message was, “Never let down your Mummy-Deb, Joseph Akol, your coordinators, or your sponsors. Work hard!”

We were proud that Deborah Yar and Rachel Abuk came forward to greet the Bishop and offered thanks for his visit, and, even more important, they shared their own courageous remarks. The bishop was so delighted by their presentation that he promised to keep visiting them whenever he arrives in Kampala and also to spread the word to other communities about the importance of girl child education, citing ASAH as exemplary in spearheading the promotion of girl child’s education in Duk, Jonglei State and South Sudan as a whole.

Our girls are blessed having so many opportunities to be greeted and inspired by leaders from their communities.


Dau John Awuou, Program Manager

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